History of the Visionary Don Gerardo Cartellone

Don Gerardo Cartellone was born in 1924. He started to work with his father since his childhood. In 1943 he formally joined the company and in 1952 he ran the company.

His visionary capacity made him go through the permanent growth and diversification process of the company creating new business units: food and beverages, transport, road and power works and others.

In 1997, Don Gerardo took the decision of assigning the company’s capital stock to his children and undertook different activities in the social sphere such as the presidency of Fundación Rural Argentina.

Don Gerardo Cartellone died on August 22, 2011, in Mendoza, Argentina. His transparency, humility and commitment to his employees branded the company for life turning it into one of the most relevant business holdings in the Republic of Argentina.