Our people

The members of José Cartellone Construcciones Civiles S.A. play an essential role in the tasks carried out by the company. They are the real protagonists. They are the makers of the infrastructure works that help the development of those countries where JCCCSA operates.

Those who are involved in the company’s activities have to adapt to different geographical conditions: they must work in big urban cities, or in the middle of the Amazon forest, in the Andes Range at 4,800 m.a.s.l. with -22° C or on dream beaches and in geographical sites of different characteristics. Besides, our people are challenged to become socially and culturally part of large cities or small towns.

The permanent interest of JCCCSA is to integrate all the persons who are involved in a specific project to its area of influence with the purpose of achieving wider knowledge and culture. The company’s staff is made up of professionals, foremen and workers of different nationalities who have joined specific projects and have later been cooperative in other latitudes.

This entails great sacrifice but huge satisfaction. Thus, cultures, traditions and even languages merge thanks to team working in a company where all its employees are a big family. Therefore, culture, tradition and language differences are enhanced due to the joint daily work and to the achievement of goals derived from team working.