Compliance, Quality, Health and Safety, Environment

Since its founding in 1918, JOSÉ CARTELLONE CONSTRUCCIONES CIVILES SA, is strongly committed to supporting its interest groups. This commitment evolves in its concepts by providing products and services which meet the highest standards of quality, environment protection, continuos attention to health care and security of persons.

For this reason, a Manangement System has been established, which incorporates ethics, integrity and transparency factors in the monitoring of the business, as well as incorporates quality, environment, occupational health and safaety factors in the planning and implementation of processes in such a way that it provides a solid base to improve overall Company performance.

This Management Systema has allowed JOSÉ CARTELLONE CONSTRUCCIONES CIVILES SA, not only to become a Pioneer Company to certify more known standards, such as ISO 9001(Quality), ISO 14001( Environment) and OHSAS 18001 ( Occupational Health and Safety Manangement System), but also to position within the building sector as one of the leading companies of the market.

At JOSÉ CARTELLONE CONSTRUCCIONES CIVILES SA we are convinced that the integration and balancing of these three pillars: economic, environmental and social, lead to a sustainable growth of the organization, resulting in benefits for the whole comunity.